It's a baby!

It's a baby!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being Pregnant Means...

When you say "I need to go to the bathroom." people don't continue on with a 20 minute long story and practically chase you into the bathroom in order to finish telling it. They say, "Oh yes, of course." and even point out the closest one. Sweet.

When you say "I'm tired." they don't ignore the comment and expect you to push through something exhausting and mind consuming. Actually they tend to get panicky and try to push you to the floor in order to immediately get you off your feet. Then they get you blanket and pillows and gummy bears. Rock on.

When you say "I really want some cake right now." They don't say, "For breakfast?" They start listing out all the different kinds of cake you could have from the closest locations. Sounds great, but is a little hard on the willpower.

When you say "My shoulder hurts a little." people don't expect you to take Advil and ignore it. Instead, you end up getting fought over by 2 chiropractors, a massage therapist, and a physical therapist who just want to fix the problem as quickly as possible so you don't even have to take Tylenol.

When you are having a hormonally unbalanced day, you get hugs and lovin's instead of the stink-eye.

Peeing all the time. ALL the time.

Getting to use the elevator at the parking garage without getting mean looks from people. Woot.

Always having someone to talk to or sing weird songs to that NEVER interrupts and gives you little kicks as a way of communicating his love for you. :cries:

Your family makes sure you know they love you all the time.

99% of people are just plain nicer to you than they normally would be. I like that part. And the 1% that is mean - for whatever reason- usually gets jumped all over by the other 99%. I rarely ever get to bust out my preggo-rage on anyone. (p.s. I hate the word preggo.)

Dear unborn fuzzling,
Had there been any resentment from the nonstop barfing and exhaustion of the first 4 months, it is all forgotten now. I cannot, however, speak for the birth. I can only assume the same will apply.
Love, Mom


  1. Has Auntie Angie told you today that you are loved? Well you are, very much!! Kisses and hugs