It's a baby!

It's a baby!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I am the perfect wife and mother

I clean my house every day. (By pushing all the crap from the center of each room to the edges.)

I get quality time with myself every day. (My morning poop is sacred.)

I  kiss my husband and tell him I love him every single night. (So what if he's asleep sometimes when I remember to do it?)

I talk to all of my family regularly. (Conversations in my head totally count.)

I make sure my husband gets quality time to himself every day. (His morning poop is sacred, too!)

I pack my son a kick ass lunch every school day. (I take pre-packaged food and put it in it's own cute little container.)

My yard is beautiful anytime someone comes by to visit. (We tend to only invite people if we remembered to do yard-work that week, so you know, 3 times a year.)

My cats coats have never looked better! (Xan's nanny brushes them because she loves cats and doesn't have one.)

As you can see, I have everything completely under control. (I honestly have never been happier to be me.)