It's a baby!

It's a baby!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...

This is what I hear sleep telling me as I get closer to my due date. It has been nearly a year since my last post, so let me catch you up:

After a successful year of keeping my firstborn alive, Dan and I decided to give having number two a shot. Our first attempt didn't succeed - much like what happened with Xander - two pregnancies = 1 baby. Which, let's face it, royally sucked giant clown butt. However, having made it through one miscarriage and having quite an awesome little guy, paved the way for us dealing with the next time going quite similarly.

I am now roughly 6 weeks away from D-day and have realized that I have NOTHING DONE. Nothing is set up, all of Galaxy Guy's (what we are currently calling our in utero baby - oh, right, I forgot to tell you - it's a boy!!!) clothes aren't washed, organized or put out. I am, however, starting to prepare for our home-birth. Yes, we are doing one of those. And no, I am so not the kind of person who usually does this sort of thing. You know, cares deeply about all living creatures (ok, maybe a little), likes the company of others (actually, I guess it's not SO bad), marches to the beat of my own drum (it's more like a ukelele). Ok, shut up, maybe I am that kind of person. But I'm pumped full of crazy baby hormones, so it wouldn't be smart to call me on it.

Where was I... Oh yes, forgetfulness! There's a lot of that. It usually takes me an hour of nearly starving to death before I remember why I keep heading toward the kitchen.

As for work? Yeah, I still do that, but it's mostly from home. It's just too damned hot to go outside at any time other than early morning. But as of next week when we open our Amherst store in it's new location I am really dialing back what I do for the Mercantile. She can live without me for a few months.

Xander? Yeah, I still like him and stuff. You know, when you give birth to someone, you kinda want to keep tabs on them (thank you Daria). Xander is full of life and mission goo. He has certainly developed the ability to bi-locate and can speak better English than me. This is, sadly, not an exaggeration. I do ok typing - you know, because of the magic of editing - but speaking now just ends up a soggy word salad that only my darling husband can understand, bless him.

Yep, that's it for now. Who knows when I might do something crazy, like post again. Dunno.