It's a baby!

It's a baby!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pregnant Easter Bunny

Had a good birthday weekend. My present from Dan was unlimited help with my favorite obsession - getting the nursery ready. It was awesome! We spent a good portion of the day (and our bank account) at Babies r Us and then we put most of it together. Dan even helped instigate doing the fuzzling's laundry. I bought a bunch of cloth diaper inserts for burp cloths as recommended by nearly everyone I know, but they seem kinda small... Not sure if they will protect me from the predicted splatter and such. I guess we'll see. I also got tons of cake, my favorite thing. The next day I dragged my increasing mass around the countryside looking at and getting nommed on by baby cows. So frikkin cute. Then with the company of my mom and Dick, we stuffed our faces with the tastiest pancakes known to man. I do believe I surprised the parental units with my size, though the auditory evidence was relatively benign. I was only told that it had been a while since they had seen me, fortunately no one made me or Dan need to inform them that the word beautiful was to replace all adjectives referring to my size for the foreseeable future. Examples for future use: "Wow! That chair didn't stand a chance when confronted by your sheer beauty!" Or, "You might be too beautiful to ride in the Prius anymore, let's take the van instead." Note: lovely can also be applied in this situation. "I think my loveliness is preventing me from reaching my feet, can you help me tie my shoes?" During the meal, my mom presented us with Easter baskets containing bunny ears which we wore for the rest of the day. The staff at the restaraunt took out picture, so when we bring the fuzzling in a few years we can show him exactly what kind of family he got stuck with :) though, by then, he'll probably have some inkling.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I know, it's been a while.

Oddly enough, life does not slow down once you start to reach the home stretch. We now have 9 weeks to go, wowsers. Finally have the nursery painted and the furniture peoples are due any minute with the crib and changing table/dresser. More and more I am leaving the Mercantile to Dan and crew, while I get the house ready for our new arrival. I am in total full-on nesting mode at this point - all I think of any more is making appointments and finding the most perfect and absolutely cutest stencils to put on the walls. Yesterday while I was at Target buying diapers, diaper pails and the like, I stumbled across the cutest display ever, so the baby/guest bathroom is now covered in monkeys. I sure hope this kid isn't afraid of monkeys because they are everywhere. Fuzzlet's grandparents are becoming anxious to meet him and my grandparents are just adorable, I can't wait til they get to meet him. I'm going now, because I want to see if Michael's has an online selection of stencils or wall stickers for me to peruse, now I need some for the bathroom too!