It's a baby!

It's a baby!

Monday, April 2, 2012

I know, it's been a while.

Oddly enough, life does not slow down once you start to reach the home stretch. We now have 9 weeks to go, wowsers. Finally have the nursery painted and the furniture peoples are due any minute with the crib and changing table/dresser. More and more I am leaving the Mercantile to Dan and crew, while I get the house ready for our new arrival. I am in total full-on nesting mode at this point - all I think of any more is making appointments and finding the most perfect and absolutely cutest stencils to put on the walls. Yesterday while I was at Target buying diapers, diaper pails and the like, I stumbled across the cutest display ever, so the baby/guest bathroom is now covered in monkeys. I sure hope this kid isn't afraid of monkeys because they are everywhere. Fuzzlet's grandparents are becoming anxious to meet him and my grandparents are just adorable, I can't wait til they get to meet him. I'm going now, because I want to see if Michael's has an online selection of stencils or wall stickers for me to peruse, now I need some for the bathroom too!

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